Udgivelsesår: 1983


”An unusual, exuberantly acted, provocative film. Who said men don’t understand us?” – Diane Jacobs, Village Voice, New York.

“Ladies on the Rocks has an easy kind of unforced rhythm to it that one associates with improvisation, though I’m sure everything was very carefully planned.” – Vincent Canby, New York Times.

“Christian Braad Thomsens film is all the better for presuming that its audience is not necessarily radical or over-familiar with feminist aims and aspirations. It relies as much on charm and excellent playing as it does on argument and contestation. The two women, intent on making a living out of their problems, are fine character studies of uncertain but totally sincere activists, faced with a real world full of those whom they have to persuade through laughter that what they mean is utterly serious. And the film has a very sharp eye not only on them but on the smug world through which they move.” – Derek Malcolm, The Guardian, England

“Koks i kulissen er på en gang fuld af vitalitet og desperation og holder smukt balancen mellem det trodsigt morsomme og det melankolske. Og den frembærer ikke andet budskab end det enkle, at enhver må leve sit liv, som man foretrækker det.” – Ib Monty, Jyllandsposten.

”En dybt ufrodig, kontant ucharmerende komedie uden fjerneste komik.” – Henning Jørgensen, Information.